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Straw Hat 106 OZ Artificial Grass

(28 customer reviews)


RETAIL: $3.19 per sq. ft
OUR PRICE: $2.39 per sq. ft

106 oz
1.75″ Pile Height
Vine Cyan & Vine Bi-Color

4 Star Durability
Softness 4.5 Stars
4 Stars Standing UP
Traffic 4 Stars
Realistic 3.5 Stars
No Infill Needed
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Our 106 oz grass is designed for comfort and supreme durability. The thatch composition allows the grass to handle moderate to heavy traffic for rough play and performance. No worries if you have kids that want to run around – our grass will stay intact! Each blade has a slight variation in color, dimension, and texture, giving it its natural appearance and making your lawn the neighborhood favorite.

RETAIL: $3.19 per sq. ft
OUR PRICE: $2.39 per sq. ft

Product comes with 15-year warranty.

All products have an ETA of 5-10 days.


  • Total Weight: 106 oz/sq. yd
  • Pile Height: Approx. 1.75"
  • Stitch Gauge: 1/2"
  • Color: Vine Cyan & Vine Bi-Color
  • Primary Backing: 100% UV Stabilized PP + Polyester Fiber Short-Staple

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28 reviews for Straw Hat 106 OZ Artificial Grass

  1. Elaina Kasey

    Using it outside and it is truly similar to grass, drains, and dries in a way that is better than the real one. Enjoyed the first batch so much, got another!

  2. Laz Byron

    The pricing is fair. The quality and size are great. Overall the money spend on it was worth every penny.

  3. Krystle Wendy

    The artificial grass shared here is one of the best options for people looking for a quick and economical way to cover the property. The delivery and handling of the product were fast and great.

  4. Misty Roderick

    Worth every penny.
    The patch looks great and feels real too. My lawn had been replaced with the patches and the final result is astounding.

  5. Marlin Bob

    Loved the product.. It’s more than enough to cover your lawn and provides a natural feel to it. The quality of the product is something I loved the most.

  6. Anne Thaddeus

    Best in class artificial grass to cover your yard without having to spend a fortune. loved the product and the sizes offered are all standards.

  7. Noah Kylee

    We moved into another home with a dirty backyard with a dog. This item is lush and full and she loved it immediately. I’m exceptionally satisfied with its realistic appearance and comfort for her.

  8. Luke Linsey

    Simple to install. It makes the area under my AC unit look great. It used to be a forgotten zone yet it has quickly become a popular spot after the installation of this real look artificial grass. Love it!

  9. Mary Lou

    I love this turf! I have 2 porches that I use as large patches, with some decent outdoor furniture. I suggest it. It lasts long, wears gradually, and looks pretty darn great.

  10. Oswald Peggie

    Ordered this to cover a thin segment down the side of my condo. It was incredibly simple to deal with, trim and anchor and the nature of the grass is in the same class as the original.

  11. Laurene Blossom

    An extraordinary item that changed my uncomfortable and dull metal grate balcony into a tiny urban lawn. It looks lavish, normal in color, and is comfortable to walk on barefoot.

  12. Codie Londyn

    Love this artificial grass! Looks extraordinary and made the ideal doggie run for our two babies.

  13. Dawn Jeane

    I got the ordered size mat for my balcony. the roll was moderately light when carrying up the steps. I was able to install this myself with the help of tape and marker. The grass isn’t excessively thick however is soft. Satisfied with the item.

  14. Myrtle Wendy

    Awesome order… Very well packed, great quality, and impressed with the look and feel of it.

  15. Tony Mahala

    Best deal ever… Very easy to clean. This was perfect for my side yard as a pet bathroom.

  16. Charnette Pace

    I purchased this grass for the second time since I preferred it so much and you can undoubtedly size it to your requirements. This second order is for the balcony of my new condo

  17. Janelle Jayceon

    I’m super satisfied, the turf was the thing I was seeking after. It’s lavish, it’s comfortable enough to sit on, and it was specially cur to accommodate my balcony.

  18. Greta Solomon

    Loved the fast delivery and quality of the received package. The dimensions are all exact and the color of the grass is close to what we see in the images shared here. It doesn’t require any expert help for applying making it easy for anybody.

  19. Edwina Darwin

    I purchased this during the pandemic and set it under my dining table. It has been lovely to work and eat with my feet in the “grass.”

  20. Catherina Minnie

    I’m happy with this turf. I have it on the side entrance to my home and it’s awesome. Each time I step on it I feel like stepping on actual grass.

  21. Mercy Glen

    Looks extraordinary outside on a small balcony, my girl plays with her toys on it and she adores it.

  22. Rexana Jannine

    Love this! Great material, looks and feels amazing!

  23. Jenn Miller

    This is our 3rd time ordering more of this awesome turf!! It’s simply fantastic- we keep putting more sections down in areas where grass refuses to grow. It stays so beautiful, doesn’t fade, even in the Florida sun, withering heat and salt air. Just gorgeous and such a great alternative for areas where it’s hard to grow grass or heavy traffic areas. Artificial Grass Wholesaler is just great, will ship whatever you need, great prices, and great service too. Very happy we found them!

  24. Richardine Norm

    Incredible length and the grass was delicate which was wonderful when doing pictures for my girl

  25. Wilda Joslyn

    Whether it’s a large or small area the price of adding patches to your lawn is pocket-friendly. It’s one of the best options for everyone out there. So good to have a lot of options to choose from.

  26. Anabelle Earnestine

    It was the ideal size for my front walkway and it’s excessively delicate to stroll on. I’m very happy with it!

  27. Kiley Fancy

    Great item – it looks genuine, was easy to trim down for a perfect fit, and is truly soft to stroll on!

  28. Courtney Wilson

    Samples arrived promptly and were very helpful. We ordered Straw Hat and love the texture and color. Joel was super responsive to questions and turf arrived promptly. Hope to purchase more for the front yard soon.

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