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Apple Green 98.5 OZ Artificial Grass

(37 customer reviews)


RETAIL: $2.59 per sq. ft
OUR PRICE: $2.09 per sq. ft

98.5 oz
1.67″ Pile Height
Emerald & Olive Bi-Color

4 Star Durability
Softness 4.5 Stars
4 Stars Standing UP
Traffic 4 Stars
Realistic 3.5 Stars
No Infill Needed
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Tons of pet owners worry about their grass getting ruined, but our 98.5 oz artificial grass is made to withstand wear and tear from our furry friends. Our special thatching makes our grass look real and natural without the hassle of maintaining real grass. Each blade has a slight variation in color, dimension, and texture, which will keep your lawn looking fresh all year long!

RETAIL: $2.59 per sq. ft
OUR PRICE: $2.09 per sq. ft

Product comes with 15-year warranty.

All products have an ETA of 5-10 days.


  • Total Weight: 98.5 oz/sq. yd
  • Pile Height: Approx. 1.67"
  • Stitch Gauge: 3/8"
  • Color: Emerald & Olive Bi-Color
  • Primary Backing: 100% UV Stabilized PP + Polyester Fiber Short-Staple

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37 reviews for Apple Green 98.5 OZ Artificial Grass

  1. Sorin Enache

    Very good quality grass and very easy to communicate with. Responds very quickly and works with you to solve any problem that may come up. Pleasure to do business with. I got 1600 Sq. Ft from them. Thanks!

  2. Peleg Beck

    I would like to share with you our pleasant experience we’ve had with Mr. Joel from Artificial Grass Wholesalers. Once we decided to buy artificial grass for our new home, we’ve searched online to get a good deal and so we found ourselves purchasing grass there not only in a very good price and excellent quality, but also in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Joel did everything to facilitate the transaction and went above and beyond in terms of flexibility and attentiveness. He also arranged someone to deliver the grass to our house in a very reasonable price. We feel fortunate to have bought the grass there. It really gave us a piece of mind.

  3. Marino

    Joel was more then helpful. The grass came on time and the price beats the market! Great Quality turf!

  4. Macrock4

    The Apple Green 98.5 oz. grass is a fantastic product. Our 2 German Shepherds love it vs. the dirt and sand backyard before the installation.
    We installed 5 rolls of 15′ by 35′ then ordered another 15′ by 25′ roll for the side yard.
    Artificial Grass Wholesalers is a great company to deal with. They send the product out right away. The rolls 35′ rolls were actually 37′ long.
    Our dogs play area is now a clean 35’X75′ area here in New Hampshire.

  5. oz momo

    The products are just as advertised excellent pricing, delivery and service.
    I needed to change out the grass on one of my projects and my contact there made the process of exchanging rolls as smoothly as you would hope. He was professional, knowledgeable and courteous. This is the second time we’ve done business here and I will again when my clients are looking for quality and pricing and service. I’ve also used these guys for my own project and it turned out just like I had hoped. Thank you Greg!

  6. John Yeung

    Very happy with customer service. They do what they say. 100% trustworthy. Will do business with them again.

  7. Vincent Beringhele

    Great to work with at a great price! Highly recommend! I was under the gun and they made it happen!

  8. Silvana Muro

    Very happy with the artificial grass purchased. Their staff was very helpful and shipping was fairly fast. Great quality grass. Would purchase again.

  9. David Fragapane

    Very impressed with the product. Purchased the thicker 2″ turf…no longer have to worry about the dogs getting muddy or having to cut the grass. Looks like the real thing! Only issue was with the delivery which was a little cumbersome because you have to have the manpower onsite to help the driver unload and the rolls are heavy.

  10. Elizabeth Tran

    Grass looks beautiful. Super thick. Great customer service.

  11. Gabe Hedges

    I looked at many different companies for my purchase and Artificial Grass Wholesalers had the selection and pricing I was looking for. The quality of the grass options were great. Having the free samples sent so that I could make the best choice for my needs really helped and made us much more comfortable purchasing sight unseen. You definitely need to check samples before you purchase. We purchased the Apple Green and it is very durable yet the feel is still soft so it is comfortable on bare feet. Joel was extremely helpful through the entire process and even when there were some potential delays about to happen which would have held up my project he went to work and made it happen! Great service and great product. I attached some photos. I had just freshly brushed it so those ‘lines” are not always there. It all blended in perfectly giving it a very realistic look.

  12. Elen Wright

    Best and most realistic grass on the market!

    We live in the Caribbean, and are just finishing up with a large property.
    Joel was awesome to work with and the grass was delivered to our freight forwarder, was placed on the ship, and arrived within 4 days.

    Takes about four guys to move a full size roll, but once it’s place down, being that it does not require infill, it is sturdy and looks wonderful.

  13. Frank Rachelle

    Great product and outstanding service. Highly recommend to anyone looking to add turf to your home or business. Very fair pricing as well!

  14. Sheri Monge

    I bought a 2 inch grass that seems nice and plush. Got a great deal on it and was delivered fast. We are installing ourselves and can’t wait to enjoy for years to come.

  15. Ian Hollinger

    Joel was extremely patient and thorough in educating us on the most efficient way to place our order of artificial grass. He also went out of his way to get us their best competitive pricing AGW was extremely professional to work with and I look forward to working with them again soon.

  16. Speakers Cloud

    This is an excellent company to purchase your artificial grass from. They were accurate in their description, prompt in delivery and an all around great value! I would recommend them for any of your artificial grass needs!

  17. Jose Mendez

    I love the appearance of our brand new grass. I love the convenience of not have to water and almost maintenance free. I love it !!!

  18. Darren Tangen

    Great product! I will most definitely recommend and purchase again if needed.

  19. Sara Flores

    Love the product. Very good price. Joel was extremely accommodating.

  20. MJ Coon

    I am so excited! We just got the turf installed and it looks great. I wanted a low maintenance, low water usage yard. Most of it is rock and paver patio, but I wanted to soften it a bit with this turf. It’s awesome! And I don’t have to water, mow, fertilize. Bring it on, Summer! Haha. The landscapers tell me the quality is really nice and you can’t beat the price. Our local supplier was much more. Go for it!

  21. Johnny Patronis

    Great product. AGW was great to work with. I’ve ordered from them twice and both deliveries were as advertised.

  22. Jonathan Delshad

    I have already purchased 1500 sq feet for front yard of the Apple green grass and just got done ordering 2250 sq feet for first layer of back yard. And have a half a acre more that I need to get grass for and this the company I will be using. Joel is amazing and always right in it. So glad I found them and you will not be disappointed.

  23. Joseph Stalker

    We installed approx 600 sq ft for our above ground pool area everything worked out perfectly. Will be looking to purchase another 400 sq ft to complete my yard. Professional service!

  24. Kevin Holle

    Just picked up so Artifical turf for less than local retailers, Joel guided me through the best methods for installation and made everything clear and easy to understand, helped me load the turf into a tiny truck, excellent service, highly knowledgeable

  25. Hector Mendez

    My backyard now looks amazing thanks to the artificial grass we had installed. It looks like real grass, and it’s beautiful. Now my family and I spend time outside all the time and we love the way it looks! Our friends and family have complimented us as well!

  26. Moshe Azarian

    I have to say Artificial Grass wholesalers saved me $1000s of dollars in providing my clients with there grass removal needs and now the artificial turf grass has saved them from water bills and maintenance in general…not to mention the beautiful contrast of the green everyday look that never really fade away!

    Artificial grass wholesalers also is very great in quality and your #1 place to buy artificial grass that are brand new, never used and in rolls and more importantly great in price….infact lower than Home Depot!

    Give them a call, you’ll be very happy with quality and prices is the best out there for brand new rolls! They also offer different ounces in weight and different colors most of the time and sizes!

  27. Mr. Dennis’ Channel

    Tremendous product! My garden has become a conversation piece with my neighbors. The grass has a natural look that is complimented with a small amount of infill.
    You’ll enjoy working with Joel. He’s a professional and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of his product.

  28. Jaime E. Becerra

    Great service, great prices, great looking grass.
    My house looks great!

  29. Vicente Balderrama

    Wow, this company is amazing. The grass is top quality I have looked and looked for top quality grass at affordable pricing and I am so glad I found this company. Delivery is so quick usually within a day or two and everyone is so great.

  30. Sandy Dorsey

    Joel was a huge help, super responsive and quick. The grass is beautiful, just as described and shipping was quick.

  31. 877RENTPRO

    Saved over $4200 by choosing AGW. Speedy service and very professional. Recommended to entire fleet of family and friends.

  32. Jenn Miller

    This is our 3rd time ordering more of this awesome turf!! It’s simply fantastic- we keep putting more sections down in areas where grass refuses to grow. It stays so beautiful, doesn’t fade, even in the Florida sun, withering heat and salt air

  33. National Positions

    I purchased over 7000 square-foot of artificial turf from this company. The quality of the turf is phenomenal and it does not even require infill. Based bed is super thick and the overall color and texture is superb. I also like that it is not shiny like the other artificial turf I purchased in the past. The turf was delivered promptly and delivered by a courteous driver who was full of information and tips on how to successfully install the turf. I am beyond satisfied with my purchase and excited to use all of this new turf for outdoor activities.

  34. Mike Rice

    Quick easy transaction. Good looking turf for a very competitive price.

  35. Matt Olson

    We purchased over 2100 sf of the Apple Green 98.5 OZ turf. Couldn’t be happier. We shopped for months and ordered samples from every retailer we could including Costco. We also got bids from two local installers and got samples of the turf they carried. The Apple Green looked better and was almost half the price of the others. I couldn’t be happier with the look and feel. You can tell it had quality construction and there was no shedding or loose fibers like others.

    We installed it ourselves around our in-ground pool and in our backyard/dog run. The ground prep takes some work, but the grass is easy to install. The longer pile hides seems well. It can be hard to cut with a knife, but that’s because it’s put together well. The cost of all prep materials, tool rental, and grass cost us 1/3 of what installers quoted us. Totally worth it!

  36. Salvador Garcia

    Artificial Grass Wholesaler is just great, will ship whatever you need, great prices, and great service too. Very happy we found them!

  37. Teresa Torrance

    Their price is very competitive and the quality is great. They delivered fast and if you leave near the store, they can arrange a cheaper shipping. Done my patio my self with my husband and we saved ourself a lot of money with the turf. We still had to buy adhesive, padding and tape from another store but the cost of the turf was really good. Recommended!

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