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Emerald Green 103 OZ Artificial Grass

(53 customer reviews)


RETAIL: $3.25 per sq. ft
OUR PRICE: $2.49 per sq. ft

103 oz
1.97″ Pile Height
Matte Emerald & Matte Olive Bi-Color

4.5 Star Durability
Softness 3.5 Stars
4.5 Stars Standing Up
Traffic 5 Stars
Realistic 4.5 Stars
No Infill Needed
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The 103 oz is the heftiest and most durable of our artificial grass options. We recommend this grass for those who have a lot of foot traffic, have pets and/or children. The impeccable thatching creates an all-natural look that is able to endure different climates and tons of wear and tear. The blades slightly vary in color, dimension, and texture, and feels soft to the touch!

RETAIL: $3.25 per sq. ft
OUR PRICE: $2.49 per sq. ft

Product comes with 20-year warranty.

All products have an ETA of 5-10 days.


  • Total Weight: 103.53 oz/sq. yd
  • Pile Height: Approx. 1.97"
  • Stitch Gauge: 3/8"
  • Color: Matte Emerald & Matte Olive Bi-Color
  • Primary Backing: 100% UV Stabilized PP + Polyester Fiber Short-Staple

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53 reviews for Emerald Green 103 OZ Artificial Grass

  1. Heidi Rosse

    I purchased this for my balcony. It was a great product. the overall appearance and feel changed in a positive way.

  2. Earlean Hodgin

    The balcony seems lush green and heartwarming. Quality and feel of grass in comparison with the rest. planning to order the following batch soon.

  3. Lorelei Gilcrease

    Offered it simply lately…superb product…delivered the correct size and great packing…
    Gave a natural appearance to the otherwise dull balcony…

  4. Marcos Nassar

    The product is great. It offers a splendid appearance to the balcony and uplifts the beauty of the plants placed.
    material is smooth and in fact, looks as if natural grass.
    length is precise as cited inside the product specification

  5. Tamiko Flannigan

    A wonderful product. Changes the entire look into a classy soothing ambiance. Glad I made the right choice. A stunning product which is really well worth the price. simply go for it…

  6. Danny Releford

    Looks like actual grass and feels like soft shoots. Spray some water on it and it feels so cool just like an actual lawn

  7. Monique Bargas

    Dense grass carpet with tender surface and good quality, strong matt. in reality very glad about the quality and the packaging was also excellent. The grass looks so real and fresh. I recommend buying without having any second thoughts.

  8. Cheri Getty

    Incredible. can’t make out if it’s fake grass. seems more like the actual one. it is extraordinarily easy to trim too – I could use a good scissor to reduce to the height I wanted. No weird smell as a few have suggested.

  9. Aron Butterworth

    Lush green, lightweight, and very soft.
    shipping was fast with perfect packing.

  10. Merilyn Stlawrence

    Very nice Artificial Grass!
    The delivered product was as per the mentioned details or description.
    The grass feels soft.
    Proper rubber base.
    Good product.

  11. Tomika Girardi

    looks like real grass, At first sight, you simply can not differentiate among original and this grass it almost looks like original and is sturdy

  12. Carmelo Hallowell

    it is definitely easy to clean and no maintenance is required. additionally, the grass is tied to the mat very nicely so it does not come off very easy. while you walk on it.

  13. Alfredia Scherr

    The best product online, it is not too tough neither too smooth. very well stitched with threads to give a natural feel. happy with the product so far. tried it for indoor use and my dogs appear to love it.

  14. Clara Foley

    It has improved my garden to the next level. Absolutely loved it. after using it for a month it’s still very gentle and flexible. The dimensions were exact.

  15. Karey Krier

    I loved the quality of the mat. Its scrubby texture helps to take away dust n dirt. it is easy to clean and light weight.

  16. Shirleen Goines

    The product is as provided in the images. the size is adequate and the artificial grass isn’t hard or hurtful in any way. Glad I choose this one over the others.

  17. Amelia Guttman

    The quality of the grass is the best. It feels so tender and smooth. The built is also great. The materials used for the product are of superb quality. I recommended it to my friends.

  18. Fabian Bunch

    the size of the natural green grass mat is ideal. It’s an excellent choice for households to create great interior designs

  19. Tracey Tallant

    The carpet is very thick, very gentle, the worth the money spend… a comfortable carpet… I liked the product as its dimensions are very good and it was very very soft…

  20. Jacqui Zhao

    Thicker longer fibers than the previous turf I’ve been using. The item looks stunningly realistic and offers a visual treat to all. Recommend it to all.

  21. Graciela Mauney

    A very good product for changing the outlook of your house. Planning to buy more to decorate the remaining portion.

  22. Lelah Paden

    It’s disappointing purchasing things on the web and not knowing whether you will get what you need. So I did hard research on which fake grass I ought to get and I was relieved that I got the perfect turf I wanted

  23. Sook Brossard

    I really like the visual attraction of the grass.. the color is certainly natural and it provides loads to my balcony. I love the feel in terms of the thickness and I really like walking on it barefoot

  24. Leora Hibbitts

    I had my doubts about this grass , was thinking it would be plastic like looks… but it looks natural and great … and has a soft texture… I really liked it…

  25. Colin Wiedeman

    Product is really high-quality… it’s very easy to clean….packaging turned into exact… the size as cited on the web page…I have kept it on the balcony where they get enough light and does not cause much issue.

  26. Madelene Lindsey

    if you’re searching out an easy grass alternative, this is it. it’s far very easy to trim. I used it to decorate my balcony with a green theme. It looks stunning and I’m very proud. The fabric lays flat nicely and grips the ground perfectly.

  27. Williams Laguerre

    The grass is of high-quality best and appears very real. can be effortlessly reduced to any length, with a cutter.

  28. Ruth Zapata

    The grass is precisely as described. Great quality and got the shipment on time… I’m happy with the product

  29. Lyn Villacis

    The grass seems beautiful! and has amazing quality! I did a whole lot of research before buying this product! I’m satisfied I made the right preference!

  30. Sachiko Island

    Stunning product and worth the penny paid. It is easy to cut and the density is right enough to allow us to sit down and relax. It has changed the manner my balcony looks now…

  31. Tora Gushiken

    I love this grass! It looks genuine it isn’t thin and it is priced well indeed. It feels incredible it doesn’t feel plasticity it has an extraordinary texture like genuine grass. I suggest this product to all.

  32. Aline Pinkley

    The artificial grass modified our everyday balcony into a lawn. We purchased artificial grass after a lot of research and doubt. in the end, everything turned out to be great. We got a whole lot of compliments already.

  33. Emil Agnew

    Looks like real grass. It was easy to lay, I love it. The order reached fast and the packaging was also great.

  34. Elisabeth Bonneau

    loved the product. Has changed the look and feel of our balcony, is pretty smooth, and does now not feel like plastic. maybe vacuumed to preserve it dust-loose. most of the rainwater gets drained as it’s porous.

  35. Crissy Blaney

    This has been one of the best stories of my lifestyles! i used to be very reluctant to cover my balcony with a fake grass carpet. I felt it would seem and feel like plastic. I ordered a very small piece from this vendor. i was surprised at the quality, it honestly feel like actual grass, seems like actual grass.

  36. Percy Domina

    Awesome product loved the finish and closeness to the real one. The quality is impressive for the price at which it is offered.

  37. Simonne Horowitz

    Delivery was on time and loved the way they are packaged. The product is the same one I ordered and the looks are very accurate to the original one. if you are willing to spend some money you could have a long-lasting result at the best rate available in the market.

  38. Delila Mandeville

    One of the best options about the product is being able to choose the desired dimension with ease making it easier to plan the whole process of applying it wherever you are planning. I did both my office and home lawns saving a lot of money.

  39. Angele Bergin

    It’s a great deal worth trying out. Satisfied with the service and ability to choose the desired sizes for your needs. it’s handy and lets you avoid wastage of the patch.

  40. Babara Cohen

    Best quality…
    Best price…
    fast delivery…
    Loved the received product and tried it myself with ease..

  41. Deshawn Dillahunt

    We purchased this to wipe our feet, we were unable to keep the sand out of our home it was shocking, now we simply wipe our feet around on it and our shoes come out sand-free, it has saved me so much house cleaning

  42. Jackie Day

    This artificial grass is absolutely perfect! It was ordered and arrived exactly on time. The grass is such a high-quality that it looks like a lawn. The good news is my husband does not have to mow it. Our dog a big German Shepherd thinks the grass was bought for him. He just loves it. We are so absolutely thrilled with this artificial grass that we have recommended it to friends. Thank you so very much to Joel for all the help that you gave us!

  43. Jose Mora

    Great grass looks beautiful!

  44. Chris L (verified owner)

    Purchased the emerald green due to color and durability. Shipping was extremely quick. The company communicated very well and were easy to reach with questions.
    I purchased a 15 x 25 ft roll, weight was around 250lbs and it was delivered by freight.
    The grass itself is outstanding. It has a deep green color and the thatch makes it look even more realistic.
    The install took about a day and a half. The base underneath is key to the install. Any low or high spots will be very noticeable once the grass is installed, so I would recommend taking extra time to get the base perfect before starting the install. Definitely needed two people to do the install. Cutting the product around walls,stairs,etc was very easy using a sharp blade and heavy duty scissors. Another key we found during the install was to start in a corner, nail it down, pull and stretch the grass in one direction and nail as you go along. By doing this we eliminated the wrinkles and in the end the grass was nice and flat.
    The turf instructions noted that infill was not necessary, but I did use envirofill to infill the grass and I am glad I did as it really helped the grass fibers stand more upright.
    Walking on the product does not feel like real grass, it feels a bit “crunchy” underfoot, but never expected a synthetic product to feel like the real thing.
    All and all, extremely happy with the product. Friends that have seen the finished product cannot believe that it’s artificial turf. Hopefully it stands up to the test of time and the harsh New England winters

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  46. Barbara Beyer (verified owner)

    Everything is so much better now! The backyard is clean all the time. No more muddy paws, bugs, and my husband can swing the golf club all he wants on this very durable and beautiful turf.
    My dogs don’t use their outdoor day beds; instead I find them laid out of the turf soaking up the brutal West Texas sun.
    No fading has occurred and easy to wash clean.

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