Unsure whether you should switch to artificial turf or stick with traditional natural grass? Here are a few reasons why artificial turf grass is an ideal solution for any soccer field.

Low-Maintenance, All-Weather Materials

Artificial grass is made from durable synthetic materials that stand up to the elements. It never needs to be mowed, fertilized or fixed, and athletes can continue to safely play in any weather without fear of slipping in mud or tripping on divots.

No Allergens

Because fake soccer turf doesn’t give off pollen, you don’t have to worry about anyone suffering with allergies. Even in the midst of a severe allergy season, players can continue to train and compete on the field without grass pollen or other allergens affecting their breathing or comfort. This also means fewer allergies for spectators and staff.

An Even Playing Field (Literally!)

The stable, mud-free, consistent surface of well-installed artificial grass creates an even, level field. This means that players can move and pass quickly without having to navigate the kinds of obstacles presented by natural turf. Synthetic grass never gets longer, and a shorter turf length allows the ball to move at a faster speed.

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