You may enjoy watching your dog roll around, run, and play on your lawn, but when you have to clean their dirty, grassy paws and repair the holes they’ve dug, you may end up doing more work than you expected. A great alternative can be getting artificial grass for your dogs. Here’s why a steadily increasing number of dog owners are doing just that.

No Tracks

With natural lawns, it only takes a bit of water to create the mud that your dog tracks into your home. Don’t get us wrong; we love muddy paw prints—but across a light-colored floor or carpet, not so much. Artificial grass doesn’t have any dirt that can turn into mud; just a durable and soft surface for playing, running, and rolling.

Even if your dog is outside after it rains, artificial turf has terrific drainage, which means it’s always dry, but always green. Your neighbors will wonder how you keep it looking so great all year round!

No Mess

When your dog hits natural grass to do their business, damage to your lawn can be the result. The high nitrogen content of dog urine can kills grass, leaving dead spots all over the yard. On a natural lawn, dog poop can linger long after the rain has gone, but, on artificial turf, cleaning is super easy; just use a vinegar and water solution.

Bye-Bye, Bugs

Unlike natural lawns, artificial turf is not a habitat for ants, fleas, ticks, snakes, or other critters that can threaten the health of your dog. Actually, most creatures will stay away from turf, which makes it an advantage for members of your human family, too.

Far Fewer Chemicals

Most lawns are treated with fertilizers to help keep them looking lush and healthy, but those chemicals can pose a very real threat to your dog’s health if they like to graze. Fake grass for dogs contains far fewer chemicals, so, even if your dog chews it a bit, it’ll be safer for them.

Of course, if your dog tends to eat a lot of natural grass or doesn’t feel well after they do, always consult with your veterinarian to make sure there aren’t any underlying issues.

Plenty of Choices

Cute toy terrier with bone on artificial grass

The neat thing about this product is that there are lots of options to choose from. What is the best artificial grass for your front yard? That depends on the features it has. Some grasses have longer blades, while others look more like a golf green. Still others perform double duty, serving as attractive landscaping while giving your dog a place to play.

Get an Affordable, Green Lawn Without the Hard Work

Artificial grass isn’t only very cost-effective, but you’ll spend a lot less time to clean and maintain it, and your dog will be safer. If you’re tired of waiting for a perfect and durable lawn, contact Artificial Grass Wholesalers at 1-877-262-4145. All of our products are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, and installed by specialists.


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