Proper fake grass installation is key to achieving a seamless look with proper functionality. If you’re considering artificial grass, here’s a rough idea of what you can expect with installation.

Step 1: Existing Grass Removal

First, existing ground cover will be removed. Installers will remove grass in chunks, setting it aside for removal. This modular method keeps the mess to a minimum and creates easily transportable squares.

Step 2: Ground Preparation

Next, installers will survey the area and remove or mark rocks and bumps. They’ll then loosen the dirt and level it so that it is even. Measurements may be taken at this point to confirm there is enough turf.

Step 3: Infil

For proper drainage, infill (commonly sand, crushed stone or rubber pellets) will be installed beneath the artificial turf. Installers may add channels for water flow and perform drainage tests. Be sure to check the specifications of the manufacturer as we offer a variety of artificial grass products with no infill required! This saves you a step and some cost.

Step 4: Turf Installation

Next, the turf will be rolled out or applied in square. Installers will fit the turf to the space, trimming it to suit unusually shaped areas. The edges are then secured to prevent lifting.

Step 5: Brushing and Rolling

Finally, the fake grass will be brushed to give it a full, natural appearance. Installers may return to roll (press down) the yard and help settle the dirt.

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