One common concern people have when considering synthetic grass for their homes is whether it will get too hot during the summer. Natural lawns tend to stay somewhat cooler because the blades of grass contain water, which helps cool them down.

However, as we all know, once it gets into the 90s or 100s, natural grass lawns tend to get hot and quickly turn brown unless you water them excessively. Artificial grass lawns also will get hot once temperatures soar into the 90s and higher.

Yet, one advantage over natural grass is your lawn won’t turn brown if you don’t water it. There are also several effective things you can do to cool it down quickly, including.

1. Hose it down with water.

If the grass feels too hot to walk on, grab the garden hose and spray it down. The water cools down the grass quickly and also dries fast.

2. Plant shade trees to keep the grass shaded.

Another way to keep artificial turf cool is with shade. If you plant some shade trees in different areas in the yard, you will always have a cool spot to enjoy even on the hottest summer days.

3. Install an awning or covered pergola.

Installing an awning or covered pergola over part of the artificial lawn will provide shade to keep it cool. As a bonus, you will have a covered area to enjoy outdoors on rainy days.

4. Choose a lighter-colored synthetic turf.

Lighter greens will not get as hot as darker greens since lighter colors absorb less heat.

While artificial lawns can get hot in summer just like natural grass lawns, there are several effective ways to keep them cool.

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