One common misconception people have about synthetic grass is that weeds will still grow through the artificial grass. If you use the right infill and choose synthetic turf with quality backing, weeds are not an issue.

To start with, weeds typically take root after their seeds are blown through the wind or fall off animals and birds. The seeds will require soil and water to propagate and grow. Since an artificial lawn has neither of these, the seeds tend not to sprout, in most cases.

Second, even if the seeds do start to grow, there is nowhere for them to root. It is not unheard of to see some weeds starting to pop out after rinsing off the artificial turf with water. Yet, the roots cannot penetrate the backing, so they just remain on top and are easily removed.

Last, there are just too many sub-levels for weeds to thrive. They must grow through the infill and drainage areas before they even can reach the soil far underneath. Furthermore, there are no nutrients to help the weeds grow since they cannot reach the soil.

This is not to say that weeds won’t appear around the borders of the fake grass lawn. Just that weeds growing in synthetic lawns is highly unlikely since the necessary elements and environment for weeds to thrive is not present.

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