Apple Green 98.5 oz Short Rolls

RETAIL: $3.25 per sq. ft
OUR PRICE: $2.50 per sq. ft

98.5 oz
1.67″ Pile Height
Emerald & Olive Bi-Color

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Tons of pet owners worry about their grass getting ruined, but our 88 oz artificial grass is made to withstand wear and tear from our furry friends. Our special thatching makes our grass look real and natural without the hassle of maintaining real grass. Each blade has a slight variation in color, dimension, and texture, which will keep your lawn looking fresh all year long!

RETAIL: $3.25 per sq. ft
OUR PRICE: $2.50 per sq. ft

Product comes with 10-year warranty.

All products have an ETA of 5-10 days.


  • Total Weight: 98.5 oz/sq. yd
  • Pile Height: Approx. 1.67″
  • Stitch Gauge: 3/8″
  • Color: Emerald & Olive Bi-Color
  • Primary Backing: 100% UV Stabilized PP + Polyester Fiber Short-Staple


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