Artificial grass is a great alternative to high-maintenance natural lawns, but, if you’ve started shopping for artificial grass for sale, you already know just how many products there are. These considerations will help you select the best product for your outdoor space.


What you’ll be doing on your artificial turf is an important consideration that will affect price and suitability. If you’re looking for grass to enhance the look of your lawn, a 47oz product like Shamrock Green will fit the bill.

However, if there will be high traffic, then you’ll need more durable grass like Fern Green. Weighing 97oz per square yard, this product can stand up to anything your kids and pets can throw at it. If you’re planning to play soccer or golf, soccer turf and putting green options are also available.

Pile and Color

From Army Green to Forest Green, there are many pile heights and colors available. When considering height, think about your idea of the perfect lawn and choose the pile that comes closest. Colors will depend on your local area, so do some recon and check out your neighbors’ lawns.


Of course, your budget will be very important when choosing your product. The good news is that turf is very affordable—and, if you aren’t sure before you buy, you can always ask for a sample.

Artificial Grass Wholesalers delivers top-quality fake grass at the lowest prices. Just call us to order your samples:  1-877-262-4145.


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